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Tucked away in the center of the city, hidden behind Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard and surrounded by beautiful religious buildings, the Church of Holy Dormition, the Synagogue and the Reformed Christian Church. The peaceful ambience, privacy, delicious specialties and wine are enjoyed, as they say, for the sense ahead.

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In early Christianity, the old custom was a table at which everyone used to sit, both rich and poor, children and adults, masters and slaves - a table at which everyone was equally welcome. Over time, it became a tradition and Agape became a symbol of universal (accessible to all) Christian love. So there is a saying "and today we know who believes that only what we need is love, his table is Agape".
Traditional cuisine and modern interior, cooperation with local small food and beverage producers from our region, service of organizing important business and private gatherings in Agape conference hall, overnight stay in comfortable apartments Agape rooms, coffee in Agape coffee & craft bar or enjoying wine in Agape wine cellar rooms are part of our offer where you can awaken all your senses. Enjoy with us ...


In a peaceful environment, we serve the specialties of national cuisine wishing to bring guests who are not from this area closer to traditional cuisine in a special way. Among other dishes, we especially single out steaks, knuckles and ribs, ie. meat dishes that are prepared for 48 hours according to a special recipe by our chef. The breakfast menu also includes traditional donuts, as well as cheese and cream from Zlatibor, while desserts such as homemade apple pie or three milk cake are served with special toppings according to a secret recipe.
The restaurant has the option to be closed only for you and your business partners, with a separate entrance if necessary, for your important guests. You can also schedule lunch in a separate VIP room, where you have complete privacy and separation from other guests.

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Agape villa has apartments over 40 sqm with double bed, dining table, sofa and spacious bathroom. Quiet and comfortable accommodation, in the heart of the city, 1 minute from the pedestrian zone.

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In Villa Agape, a wide range of wines from Fruška Gora wines to the finest ones are kept in our own cellar. At the request of our guests, special evenings for wine tasting and pairing as well as evenings with wine and tamburitza musicians, and team building in agreement with companies are organized in the Agape Villa wine cellar. The restaurant has the option to be closed only for you and your business partners, with separate entrance for your important guests. You can also schedule lunch in a separate VIP room, where you have complete privacy and separation from other guests.

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All types of corporate gatherings are organized in the conference hall, including lunch and coffee break, with a separate entrance for your guests, technical support and all the necessary technical conditions at the request of the client. Within the hall, there is also a smaller meeting room or B2B.

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Provided in the courtyard of the restaurant, free for guests

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Agape villa offers cooperation to the companies in the form of the following segments, or a special package at the request of the client:
- Discounted breakfast for your employees
- Lunch or dinner at a discounted price for your employees
- Organization of conferences or education
- Organization of meetings in the VIP hall with lunch
- Lunch for business partners
- Team building for the whole team
- Pairing wine accompanied by tamburitza musicians in the wine cellar
- Education in a conference room (+ B2B room) with lunch or wine tasting in the wine cellar and the option of accommodation for guests.

Our team is open to any kind of agreement and cooperation to the mutual satisfaction, so feel free to contact us.

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